Web hosting - what is it and what are you paying for?

At Flamefinder we have been frequently asked "why should I pay for webhosting and what is it for?" - and we understand that question. It seems there are more and more things to pay for that were not immediately apparent. So, we've had a look at how we can help.

Hosting - normally this is just somewhere on the Internet for your files and pictures to sit so that everyone else can see them (even when you are not online yourself). But what about making sure you stay online and stay available? Our hosting package, which has remained at the same price for the last 4 years, also now includes the following...

  • 24/7 support at the server farm - so your site stays live
  • Monthly re-submission to Google - so you can be found
  • Free renewal of .co.uk web domains
  • Free management of any other domains (costs passed on at cost price)
  • Free unlimited E-mails
  • Site update every year - first hour free

All for just £50 per year